GPS & Mobile

LinesMan functions on your PC/laptop or MacBook as a versatile trench map viewing medium, which allows the selection of a particular map at the date (edition) most appropriate to the user.

When visiting the battlefield in person, the user's experience can be further enhanced by downloading LinesMan trench maps to any of a number of handheld GPS / Smartphone / Tablet devices currently on the market that support the Memory-Map application. The software in conjunction with a suitable GPS receiver will show an on-screen cursor recording your real-time position on the trench map image displayed.

For information on compatible GPS devices see details of products available from our partners Memory-Map.

You may find LinesMan/Memory-Map listed as compatible with many popular GPS units and this may refer to the ability to send and receive routes, tracks and waypoints between these units only. It may be that LinesMan/Memory-Map maps cannot be installed on your particular device as it does not support this functionality. It is unlikely that any of the purpose designed vehicle SatNavs, e.g. TomTom etc, or cameras equipped with GPS position recording facilities will be compatible.

Smartphones & Tablets

Many of the smartphones and tablets currently available on the market are supplied with GPS or assisted GPS functions and will be compatible with LinesMan in conjunction with the appropriate free app produced by our partners, Memory-Map. The Apple app is available at iTunes and the Android app is available at the Google Play store.



For those not wishing to over complicate their lives, we are now able to supply a high quality GPS compliant tablet device preloaded with our LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 1:10,000 scale British trench maps of the Western Front.

This device will display maps and locate your position on the battlefield straight from the box, once the battery is charged, whilst also providing all the normal functions and features of a tablet (please note phone function is not available and therefore no sim card is required).

For more information please see our LinesMan2Go page