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The most comprehensive interactive
1914-1918 Western Front
trench map archive






LinesMan is the most comprehensive Great War Western Front trench map archive available on the market today and is now being used worldwide by individuals, family researchers, schools/colleges & universities, historians, battlefield tour guides and battlefield archaeologists, as well as WW1 visitor and research centres in France and Belgium. 


  • Looking for easy mobile use of GPS enabled First World War trench maps?
  • Searching for a way of taking trench maps to the Western Front battlefields without the hassle of loading/transferring software onto computers or mobile devices?
  • Need a new fully functioning tablet PC which can provide all the above?

    Great War Digital can now offer you the ideal solution

    LinesMan First World War trench maps preloaded on a Nexus 7 tablet

    LinesMan 10 preloaded on a Nexus 7 tablet PC 
    Just switch on and go!

    For more details of LinesMan2Go see our LinesMan2Go Product Page
    Limited stock available of LinesMan2Go

    If this device is just what you have been looking for
    PURCHASE NOW to avoid disappointment

LinesMan - digital maps of the Great War
at the touch of a button!

LinesMan 10 and LinesMan 20 can be purchased as stand alone products but will also link seamlessly together to provide the largest collection of British mapping of the First World War published since the Great War itself - to a screen near you!
LinesMan 10 DVD Western Front trench maps of the Great War Covers the whole of the British Sector
British & German front lines highlighted
Easy access to all trench maps
Simple navigation between maps on screen
All maps printable
Microsoft XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible 
Powered by Memory-Map
Compatible with Memory-Map software &
hardware products
GPS compatible
iphone/ipad/Android compatible
(see links below)
Modern IGN/NGI maps and aerial
photography available on separate DVD sets
LinesMan 20 DVD Western Front trench maps of the Great War        



             View Demo of LinesMan


Already have a mobile device?

Purchase of a LinesMan product allows you to use the maps on your mobile device using the free Memory-Map App, available for iOS and Android devices using the links below

i-tunes app store logo for LinesMan GPS Trench Maps Get it on Google Play

Unsure which product to purchase? Click here for comparison between LinesMan 10 & LinesMan 20
or view our Products Page for more detailed information

 LinesMan WW1 trench map on home PC for research


LinesMan provides easy access to all trench maps. All maps are geo-referenced which permits simple navigation between maps on screen without the need to refer back to a map index. 

LinesMan functions on your PC as a versatile trench map viewing medium, providing many features to enhance your study and understanding of the Great War, in the comfort of your own surroundings.
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is PC based innovative software presenting historical map data on a modern digital platform

 LinesMan WW1 trench map & gps

For the WW1 battlefield explorer, LinesMan can be used with a suitable hand held GPS device. 

An on-screen marker will show your real-time position on the trench map of your choice.  This functions with trench maps, modern maps and aerial photographs as are available across the range of LinesMan/Memory-Map products. 
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BUY LINESMAN NOW at prices from £99.95 (incl VAT)

To access modern mapping, aerial photography and height data for 3D terrain modelling, LinesMan 10 and/or LinesMan 20 must be used in conjunction with LinesMan NGI Belgium DVD and/or Memory-Map Premium Edition Nord Picardie Champagne Ardennes DVD Set see multi-product purchase options

"We are delighted to be associated with LinesMan and to
 have our Battle Maps included in this superb innovative software"
Tonie & Valmai Holt - www.guide-books.co.uk