Q: What areas of the Western Front are covered by LinesMan – is it just France?
A: LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 1:10,000 and LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 1:20,000 each provide trench maps for both France and Belgium, covering the British Sectors of the Western Front occupied from 1915 to 1918.

Q: Does LinesMan offer trench maps that cover the whole of the Great War, from 1914 to 1918?
A: The dates covered range from 1915 and the Battle of Loos, to the last days of the war in 1918.

Q: Which maps are included in the USB products?
 A list of all maps contained on LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 USB and LinesMan 20 DVDs can be found on our Map page.

Q: Is LinesMan just a collection of First World War trench maps?
A: LinesMan is a unique trench map resource which can be combined with modern day mapping.  Details of the various map set combinations can be found on our Purchase Page.

Q: As I only wish to use the trench maps, can I run LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 1:20,000 without having to purchase any other map sets?
A: Yes.  All the individual packaged map sets will function as standalone products. However, using LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 1:20,000 on its own, you will not be able to access 3D terrain modelling features or access any modern mapping and height data information.

Q: What is meant by the term 'geo-referenced'?
A: When connected to a GPS on a PC/laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet or other dedicated GPS device the system will display the user's real-time position over the trench map. This unique function also allows easy access to all trench maps and permits simple navigation between maps on screen without the need to refer back to a map index.

Q: Are the maps available via digital download direct to a mobile device?
 No, they are only available on our USB product and require installation on a computer before copying the maps to a mobile device. 

Q: Is the product useable on a PC/laptop and hand held device?
A: Yes, the full system is designed for and operates on a PC/laptop and maps can be downloaded to a GPS enabled smartphone or tablet PC that supports the Memory-Map application.

Q: Why do the 3D and Relief features not function?
A: Access to height data for 3D terrain modelling is only available with the LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 USB product.  All other map set products cannot access the 3D functions unless they are used in conjunction with the LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918 USB product.  This function is also unavailable for all map sets when downloaded to smartphone and tablet PC devices.

Q: How do I test the GPS when I am in the UK ?
 The apps provided, by our partners, Memory-Map, that enable LinesMan to be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet PC is supplied with an OS road map of the UK to enable testing in the UK.

Q: I plan to upgrade my PC/laptop and wish to transfer LinesMan to my new computer. Do I need to purchase a new licence?
A: When upgrading to a new PC/laptop, you only need to migrate your existing licence. Firstly re-install LinesMan to the new computer using the original supplied media. Open the browser from the Memory-Map icon on the desktop and on the toolbar across the top of the screen select Help>Licence Management>Online Info and when requested log in to your account. Then select Migrate Licence and follow the on-screen instructions. Having successfully migrated your licence you will be able to activate your maps without the need to purchase any new licences.