IGN Mapping

Mapping from Great War to Modern

Linesman Western Front 1915-1918 USB provides access to historical and modern mapping and also includes height data for 3D terrain modelling and track elevation functions.

In addition to 1:10,000 scale trench maps and other historical maps of various scales, four further scales of Europe road mapping for navigation are provided:


IGN 1:25,000
NGI 1:50,000 Arras road map
IGN 1:250,000 Arras road map
IGN 1:1,000,000 Arras road map




3D Trench Maps - unique to LinesMan

Using the 3D function button in the toolbar a trench map is instantly transformed to a terrain model

  Mount Sorrel


The image can be spun and flown through by manipulating the mouse controls. This enables the view to be positioned as required. This same feature can be applied to all maps supplied within the product.

Note: This advanced feature is not available for LinesMan 20, LinesMan The Somme or LinesMan Ypres unless used in conjunction with LinesMan Western Front 1915-1918.



Trench Maps of the Great War - at the touch of a button!

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