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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas of the Western Front are covered by LinesMan – is it just France?
A: LinesMan 10 and LinesMan 20 each provide trench maps for both France and Belgium, covering the British Sectors of the Western Front occupied from 1915 to 1918.

Q: Does LinesMan offer trench maps that cover the whole of the Great War from 1914 to 1918?
A: The dates covered range from 1915 and the Battle of Loos, to the last days of the war in 1918.

Q: Which maps are included on the DVDs?
A list of all maps contained on LinesMan 10 and LinesMan 20 DVDs can be found on our Map List page

Q: Is LinesMan just a collection of First World War trench maps?
A: LinesMan is a unique trench map resource which can be combined with modern day mapping.  Details of the  various map set combinations can be found on our Purchase Page .

Q: As I only wish to use the trench maps, can I run LinesMan 10 and/or LinesMan 20 without having to purchase the other modern map DVD sets?
A: Yes.  All the individual DVD sets will function as stand alone products. However, using LinesMan 10 and/or LinesMan 20 on their own, you will not be able to access 3D terrain modelling features or access any modern mapping, aerial photography and height data information.

Q: What is meant by the term 'geo-referenced'?
A: When connected to a GPS on a PC / laptop or PDA the system will display the user's real-time position over the trench map. This unique function also allows easy access to all trench maps and permits simple navigation between maps on screen without the need to refer back to a map index.

Q: Is the product useable on a PC / laptop and hand held device?
A: Yes, the full system is designed for and operates on a PC / laptop and has the facility to send maps to connected handheld GPS devices.

Q: Is it only compatible with the Adventurer range of GPS devices?
A: The system can be used on any Windows mobile PDA/GPS device and a paid app is available to enable the download of maps onto iphone/ipad devices for mobile GPS use. The Adventurer 2800 / 3500 are offered by us as they represent good starting devices as an all-in-one package for those who may be unfamiliar with the combined technology.

Q: Why do the 3D and Relief features not function?
A: To access modern mapping, aerial photography and height data for 3D terrain modelling, LinesMan 10 and/or LinesMan 20 must be used in conjunction with LinesMan NGI Belgium DVD and/or Memory-Map Premium Edition Nord Picardie-Champagne Ardennes DVD set.

Q: How do I test the GPS when I am in the UK ?
A: Since our recent upgrade (September 2007), you can now test the function fully in the UK . We have provided two Georeferenced old maps of the UK , which are titled;

00-UK-GPS-Test-Map-1937 and 00-UK-GPS-Test-Map-April-1922

You can send portions of these maps (not the whole map) covering the area where you live to your mobile device. As long as the GPS>Settings menu in Pocket Navigator is set as above, and when you choose the GPS>Satellite status menu it is seeing the satellites and displaying first grey then green bars, it will display your position over the map. If you wait for the small padlock at the bottom of the screen to become black, you can then press it once, and it will centre the map on your location. It will also then be certain to work correctly when in France. (Note again you must be outside with a clear view of the sky to get any satellite status bars, plus you have to wait at least a couple of minutes for the system to register).

*If using the Adventurer 2800 this unit is provided with UK maps preloaded.

Q: I run a security firewall and I cannot connect my PDA via Active Sync
A: Most Active Sync errors are caused by port conflicts, i.e. one programme hogs a port and confuses the computer into thinking that it is busy.

Firstly, are there any devices connected that may fall into this category? Try disconnecting all scanners, printers, cameras, etc.

Now try the following:
1. Download and install the latest version of Active Sync as this may provide a later version than the one supplied with the Mio. It is always possible that the bugs you encounter have been fixed by the very latest version from Microsoft. You can download this for free from Microsoft.

If this gives no resolution then:
2. Turn off your wireless or broadband connection, thereby stopping any outside connection to your PC (to ensure that you are safe to the outside world).

3. Disable the firewalls and make the Active Sync connection.

Please note: the above is a Microsoft Windows Mobile issue and not a problem relating to Memory-Map or LinesMan software.

Q: When I use my PDA with GPS, every few minutes it asks for my password. How can I stop this?
A: There are many settings on these PDA’s, and it is simply a settings issue.

Go to Start on the ‘Today screen’ (the one you use all the time) and choose ‘Settings’. On the ‘Personal’ Tab, you will find an icon called ‘LOCK’. Open this.

If you have enabled your password, this will need to be entered first, then you will be able to disable it by un-checking the box.

While you are in this menu, go to the System tab. Two other boxes are relevant for similar issues. In the Power icon on the advanced tab, you can enable/disable the unit turning off after so many minutes being unattended. Also the backlight icon has a time delay that can be adjusted to save battery power. Both of these need to be disabled whilst being used either in the car on battery external power, or when walking the fields on batteries, in order to stop the unit continually turning off.

> It is advisable to re-set these settings when the unit is in everyday use, to prevent the battery going flat if it is inadvertently left on.

The above is another Microsoft Windows Mobile issue and not a problem relating to Memory-Map or LinesMan software.

Q: I use Windows Vista / Windows 7 as my operating system, and I cannot Connect/Sync my PDA.
A: Windows Vista / Windows 7 is not compatible with Microsoft Active Sync. It uses the latest Windows Mobile Device Center which can be downloaded here:

Simply download and install, to connect your device.

Q: I plan to upgrade my PC/laptop and wish to transfer LinesMan to my new computer. Do I need to purchase a new licence?
A: When upgrading to a new PC/laptop, you only need to migrate your existing licence. If you go to the map browser and on the toolbar across the top of the screen select Help>Licence Management>Online Info and when requested log in to your account. Having logged in, select Migrate Licence and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please see our Troubleshooting Page if your question relates to the use of LinesMan.